Flow Festival 2016

“Without a doubt one of the most unique experiences in live music today.” -DIY (UK)

The Flow Festival is an annual music and urban culture event that attracts thousands of people to Suvilahti during the month of August. This year, Flow Festival set a new 3 day attendance record with over 70,000 people coming to listen to both local & international artists, some of the most interesting performers in music today. The programme included contemporary music & world-class performances, inventive food vendors and innovative art installations. The historic power plant venue at Suvilahti offers a unique setting for enjoying urban culture, the visual arts, great food, and a fun and lively atmosphere.

As with all summer festivals, an important part of the experience is the exciting and varied food and drink options that are available. Richard McCormick’s was there, offering delicious vegan/vegetarian dishes as well as Asian street food & tasty North African cuisine.

flow_festival_2016_saturday_andrew_taylor_05  flow_festival_2016_saturday_andrew_taylor_340

Flow Festival Finland: Come For The Music, Stay For The Food – Forbes (US)

flow_festival_2016_sunday_andrew_taylor_06  flow_festival_2016_sunday_andrew_taylor_09

flow_festival_2016_sunday_andrew_taylor_15  flow_festival_2016_sunday_andrew_taylor_25

flow_festival_2016_sunday_andrew_taylor_21  flow_festival_2016_sunday_andrew_taylor_24

“The breadth of artists caters to very diverse music tastes, but it’s the gourmet food on
offer that makes Flow Festival a true pioneer.”– Forbes (US)

It was an exciting summer festival season, with new and varied menus and wonderful opportunities to bring great food to many of the festival attendees.