MUNCHIES Festival 2017

It was a great privilege to represent Helsinki at the 2017 Munchies Festival in NYC. Thanks everyone, had a great time.

About MF17 from:
MUNCHIES Festival 2017 will bring prominent names in Nordic cuisine to New York for a once-in-a-lifetime weekend of food, drink, cinema, music and talks.

Taking place in the warm surroundings of the Hester Street Fair, we’ll be showcasing the most exciting culinary talent from one of the most important dining destinations of the past decade.

Eight lauded Nordic chefs (two representing each country, including Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden) will demonstrate the definition and spirit of “New Nordic Cuisine”, which has put these countries on the culinary map.


SLUSH 2016

Europe’s leading startup event, was held in Helsinki from Nov 30–Dec 1, 2016. ‘Slush connects startups & tech talent with top-tier international investors, executives and media. This year, over 2,300 startups, 1,100 venture capitalists, and 600 journalists from over 120 countries came to Slush to drive business, and to experience the phenomenal atmosphere’. Richard McCormick’s Pink Truck & Sandro were there, serving up great food for Slush attendees. It was an exciting event & a unique opportunity for many. Special thanks to the Slush team & congratulations to the finalists & winner of The Slush 100 Pitching Competition.



Flow Festival 2016

“Without a doubt one of the most unique experiences in live music today.” -DIY (UK)

The Flow Festival is an annual music and urban culture event that attracts thousands of people to Suvilahti during the month of August. This year, Flow Festival set a new 3 day attendance record with over 70,000 people coming to listen to both local & international artists, some of the most interesting performers in music today. The programme included contemporary music & world-class performances, inventive food vendors and innovative art installations. The historic power plant venue at Suvilahti offers a unique setting for enjoying urban culture, the visual arts, great food, and a fun and lively atmosphere.

As with all summer festivals, an important part of the experience is the exciting and varied food and drink options that are available. Richard McCormick’s was there, offering delicious vegan/vegetarian dishes as well as Asian street food & tasty North African cuisine.

flow_festival_2016_saturday_andrew_taylor_05  flow_festival_2016_saturday_andrew_taylor_340

Flow Festival Finland: Come For The Music, Stay For The Food – Forbes (US)

flow_festival_2016_sunday_andrew_taylor_06  flow_festival_2016_sunday_andrew_taylor_09

flow_festival_2016_sunday_andrew_taylor_15  flow_festival_2016_sunday_andrew_taylor_25

flow_festival_2016_sunday_andrew_taylor_21  flow_festival_2016_sunday_andrew_taylor_24

“The breadth of artists caters to very diverse music tastes, but it’s the gourmet food on
offer that makes Flow Festival a true pioneer.”– Forbes (US)

It was an exciting summer festival season, with new and varied menus and wonderful opportunities to bring great food to many of the festival attendees.


Date + Kale at Flow 2016

It’s been a great experience, HUGE thanks to our amazing team working here the whole weekend.

So grateful… and excited for what’s to come later this year 🙂 ❤️

DatexKale_2 1976_n

Tikkurila Festival 2016

Tikkurila Festival is Finland’s largest domestic music event, showcasing performances by many of Finland’s top local artists. With a record audience of over 20,000 people, this years Festival was an exciting & memorable event. HelTown BBQ was there, serving delicious Southern Style slow-cooked bbq, yum!

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porijazz_20160715_269   porijazz_20160715_383


Pori Jazz 2016

Pori Jazz is a major international event & Finland’s largest summer festival. Star performers like Seal, Lauryn Hill, Charles Bradley & Joss Stone, gave the festival a unique atmosphere with high-quality and varied music. With great facilities, a beautiful setting, delicious food and drinks, the festival attracted around 150,000 visitors this year. Sandro was there, as well as Richard McCormick’s HelTown BBq.

porijazz_20160715_225    porijazz_20160715_181

porijazz_20160715_15    porijazz_20160715_199

Ruisrock 2016

Ruisrock is one of Finland’s top summer festival events. Wow, what a weekend. Beautiful weather, great performances & fantastic food! Over 100,000 people attended, with dozens of bands & regional artists, making it one of the best events in recent years. An important part of the Ruisrock experience, was the food & beverages. Richard McCormick’s HelTown BBQ & restaurant Sandro were there serving up some exciting new dishes for those attending.

Ruis_Rock_3_photoby   porijazz_20160715_154



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